Gemma and Grace all tuckered out     






Sulley and Greg doing some "shed" hunting!  My great friend Wendy getting hugs from all the puppies! 


Chosen Valley's Maiden

2 yrs old

 The beautiful blue brindle puppy Crystal being held by our beatiful blue eyed neighbor girl Annie!





Let's hope Joesey feels the same way about kisses when it's time for her to start dating!!!  Brodey snoozing with B.J. (aka Brodey Jr.)  





William enjoying the puppies, and I think they are enjoying all the attention too!  


Very first litter out of Gemma and Gus

4 girls and 2 boys

Born: 4/17/2011 






 Grace and Joesey snuggling!

Our second litter out of Gemma and Gus

3 girls and 1 boy

Born: 10/20/2011 






Lila - 14 weeks old 

 Out in the woods for our regular run with the dogs and kids. (4/22/2012)

Shane, Brodey, Sulley, Paycey and Joesey

Bailey, Gemma, Grace and Lila



 Sulley and Ginger Sleeping

Annika with Jack and Cane

Kimbo/Gemma Litter

Born: 9/27/12 



Lila - 15 Months

Sire/Dam: McMillan's Gus and McMillan's Gemma 

Rudy - 7 Months

Sire/Dam: McMillan's Lil' Gemma and Freed's Kimbo Slice 



Chosen Valley's MoJo

1.5 yrs old

Chosen Valley's Nomi (aka Sophie)

1.5 yrs. old










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